Entered the matrix: an open self-hosted messaging service

A dream comes true. I had to wait for years for this moment but finally I found what I searched for. Finally I can run my own chatserver. And even more: it’s secure, has a distributed architecture and the most important thing: I own my data.

Won silver medal at CCC 2016

This year’s Catalysts Coding Contest was challenging but we had much fun and the best of it: we came home with a silver medal!

Let’s encrypt with Docker

I’m a bit sceptical when it comes to tools that magically do everything for you, especially if I already have an elaborated way for doing that stuff on my own. Let’s encrypt is one of those tools and I first thought, we will never become friends, but it seems that locking it in a docker container started a solid relationship.

setting up your own certificate authority

If you want to offer a web service over a secured, encrypted https connection, you have to find a certificate authority that certifies your key. But why not starting your own CA and signing the keys on your own?

Replace ntpdate with ntp on Ubuntu

By default Ubuntu ships with an ifup script that starts ntpdate in service mode. Not sure why, but in my experience this script often does not work – at least it did not keep the time in sync on any of my machines.

My new conky setup

Beautiful conky setup that displays detailed system information, a weather forecast and the current date and time on your desktop.

A Taste of Austria

A Taste of Austria by FilmSpektakel. I love timelapse videos. I have to keep myself from creating them on my own, because I’m sure it would take much time and I’d have to buy some new (not-so-cheap) stuff for my camera. So, it’s better I keep enjoying other people’s work. This one is a great … Continued

Inside a Google data center

Nice video about Google’s data centers. Found via Google+ on one of Google’s Youtube channels: https://youtu.be/XZmGGAbHqa0