Two years ago I thought no one will talk about flash in 2014. Now that we have 2015 I had to realize that even I miss the sole closed source software on my computer if it does not work anymore.

In the last weeks more and more websites complained about an outdated flash plugin on my computer. I am not the big fan of Adobe Flash and even use flash blockers in all of my browsers, but there are many services still requiring flash, especially if you want to view TV livestreams or even Youtube (not sure why, because I have HTML5 enabled).

In 2012 Adobe announced that Version 11.2 will be the last version of Flash for Linux. So, it’s clear that my plugin is outdated, but why the heck do I need a new version? Is there still someone “writing” new flash apps ;-) And what’s new with newer versions? Whatever. I have to update my flash plugin.

Even if there is no version for Linux, there is a version that is shipped with Google Chrome, it’s called pepper-flash. I don’t use Google Chrome but I use Chromium, and with ArchLinux you simply have to install this pepper-version for Chromium from AUR.

I’m using yaourt, so in my case I simply had to do the following:

Finally I had to restart Chromium. Note that chrome://restart did not work in this case. I had to killall chromium and start it again.

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