This year’s Catalysts Coding Contest was challenging but we had much fun and the best of it: we came home with a silver medal!

What a great day! Hundreds of coders in a big hall, including me and two of my friends. We did a day trip to JKU Linz, one of the places where Europe’s biggest programming contest took place this year.

The assignment was to fly a drone from one place to another – in other words: to build an auto pilot for quadrocopters. Wonderful assignment, challenging levels and a simulator which was really nice to work with. Applause to Catalysts and their organizers of the event.

Martin and I participated as a team and won a silver medal with our code! The third of us was Timo, with just 14 years the youngest participant of the event. He won a medal for the School-CCC and also kept pace with all the practitioners and students of the main contest.

Every team/programmer can decide which language to use for the contest. A functional language may be a good choice, but we chose Java, the language we both know very well. You can check out our code here, but please don’t expect a wonderful and stylish artwork as this is the result of four stressful hours :-)

Update: Catalysts uploaded photos of the contest on Facebook:
Photos of the main contest
Photos of the school contest
Official blog post

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