Did my first steps with i3 – and I’m excited :-)

A must for every linux enthusiast – you should at least try it one time in your life: A tiling window manager. I already used one some years ago – back then it was xmonad – and enjoyed that I could do almost everything without touching my mouse.

For some reason I didn’t stick long time with xmonad and now used Mate for many years. Now I again desired to change something with my linux desktop setup. Inspired by a colleague using i3 I gave it a try. And I’m excited again :-)

Three things I really like about it:

  • First of all – of course: My fingers are more focused on the keyboard. I don’t have to touch the mouse that often. Yeah!
  • i3 is easily configurable and customizeable.
  • I have dzen again!
  • The i3 lock is freakish and awesome! A pixelated screenshot as background makes it even more fancy!
  • The i3 status bar also comes with a status icon area by default, where all the status icons of my applications are.

Let’s see how long this era will last. In fact I’m not a full-screen user, so when using a stacked window manager I almost never put any of my windows in full screen. With a tiling window manager sometimes it’s a little bit strange for me to have a window sized to the full resolution of my 1920×1080 pixels screens. But let’s see.

One last thing to say: Linux is great ;-) It’s great that I can customize it so deeply. And it’s great what the open source community provides us. Simply awesome.

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