Open multiple chat windows in Skype for Linux

Skype opens every chat message in the same window. Not sure what’s the reason for this, I think it’s everything else than useful and furthermore disabling this “feature” is anything but user-friendly…

Installing Flash for Chromium on ArchLinux

Two years ago I thought no one will talk about flash in 2014. Now that we have 2015 I had to realize that even I miss the sole closed source software on my computer if it does not work anymore.

back to root > syncing contacts

As part of back to root I want to move away from Gmail and with this from its contact management. This is a big step – and maybe a big step back – because Google does a great job. The contact management is very flexible, and easy to use. I never ever had to think about synchronization with my Android devices, not even one single second.

The Android Browser

If you are a web developer, you most likely know, that the one and only Android browser does not exist. There are many different variations and modified versions of the built in browser, not to forget the huge number of browsers available in the play store.

Getting the directory of a bash script

Bash scripts are a great tool for us Linux admins. They primarily help us to execute commands repeatedly and/or very fast. They save much of our valuable lifetime here on earth but the bash scripting language can be very noisy, and often the resulting code is not easy to read for non-bash-gurus.

back to root

With this post I want to start a new project. Well, start is not really the correct term, because this project brings me back to the very beginning of my experience with linux, back to the roots.